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AKKURT, Bülent

Poet and writer (b. 14 September 1925, Menemen / İzmir). He attended the Bursa Işıklar Military High School (1943), the War Academy (1945), andgraduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Institute of Journalism (1954). He took up journalism as a sports writer for the newspaper Milliyet. He left the army in 1955 without completing his ten years of compulsory duty. He worked in various newspapers as an editor-in-chief and editorial director. He joined the Arena Theater in İstanbul in 1962. He founded the Ankara Art Theater with Asaf Çiyiltepe and was the general director of this theater for nine years. He founded the art news agency Sanajans in İstanbul (1971-1989). He was the general director of the İzmir Culture and Arts Foundation for a term in 1990.

He published his work in newspapers and reviews such as Sanat Çevresi, Bodrum Postası, Bodrum Magazin, Yeni Asır and Gazete Ege. He prepared culture and art programs for Radio Bodrum. He made a sound recording of Nazım Hikmet’s Kuvâyi Milliye Destanı and Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları (The Epic of the National Forces and Human Landscapes from My Country) for Best FM. He also made a sound recording of Nazım Hikmet ve O’nun Memleketinden İnsan Manzaraları (Nazım Hikmet and Human Landscapes from His Country) for Radio D. He wrote articles in the newspaper Haber 2000 (Bodrum) and prepared and presented the weekly talk program Zaman İçinde (In Time)


Ve, Tanrı Onları Cezalandırdı (And God Punished Them, 1998).

POETRY: Sevgilerde Yaşamak (Living in Love, 1994), Sevmek Güzel Şey Be Kardeşim (Oh Brother, Loving is a Good Thing, 2000).

DOCUMENTARY - NARRATIVE: Nazım Hikmet ve O’nun Memleketinden İnsan Manzaraları (Nazım Hikmet and the Human Landscapes from His Country, 1999).

MEMOIR: Bir Zamanlar Bursa’da (Once Upon a Time in Bursa, 1998), Bir Zamanlar Bab-ı Âli’de (Once in Bab-ı Ali*).

Bir Şizofrenin Aşk Mektupları (Love Letters of a Schizophrenic, 2000), Erguvanlar Açarken (While the Judas Trees Bloom, 2004).