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Poet (b. 1916, Kurtdere village – d. 1 February 1979, Kırklareli). He also used the pen name Eflatun Cüneyt. He attended the Bursa High School and graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Law. He worked as a lawyer in Kırıkkale until his death. He was tried on allegations of founding a secret organization in 1952, was sentenced to 20 months of imprisonment and was acquitted in 1954. He collected all of his poems that he wrote in syllabic meter in his juvenile years in a book titled Haykırışlar (The Shouts, 1938). His poems of this kind were published in reviews such as Servet-i Fünûn, Yedigün and Yücel (1938-40). His other poems in free meter which comply with the socialist realist movement appeared in the reviews like Yeni Edebiyat (1941), Yürüyüş (1942), Gün (1945), Yeryüzü (1952) and Dost (1959).


Haykırışlar (The Shouts, 1938), Umut Şiirleri (Poems of Hope, all poems, 1985).