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AKINCI, Gündüz

Researcher of history (b. 7 March 1914, Artvin – d. 3 December 1980). His full name was Gündüz Akıncı. He attended Artvin Boarding School and completed his elementary and high school education at İstanbul and Bursa High Schools for Boys (1934). He graduated from İstanbul Advanced Teacher Training School, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1938). He worked as a teacher at Afyon High School (1940- 43). He entered Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography as an assistant in 1943. He went to Paris to study between 1951 and 1952. He received his doctorate degree in 1950. He became an associate professor in 1955 and a professor in 1962 and worked as the Dean of Erzurum Atatürk University, Faculty of Science and Literature (1958-63), Chair of the Turkish Language Association (1966- 1969) and Dean of Elazığ Fırat University, Faculty of Literature (1974- 1976). He established the Department of Turkish Language at the Algerian Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences in 1968. His master’s thesis was on Abdülhak Hamit Tahran (1950), and associate professorship thesis Türk-Fransız Kültür İlişkileri’nin Başlangıç Devresi Üzerine Bir Deneme (An Essay on the Beginning of Turkish-French Cultural Relations, 1955). He won the Turkish Language Society Science Award in 1955 with his master thesis. His essays, articles and critics were published in reviews such as Arayış (1956-58), Türk Dili, Ülkü and Varlık. He was married to Nesrin and they had two children. He was the chairman of Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Turkish Language and Literature when he died.


Abdülhak Hamit-Hayatı Sanatı Eserleri (Abdülhak Hamid – His Life, Art and Works, 1954), Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakkı Efendi (Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakkı Efendi, 1959).

RESEARCH: Türk Romanında Köye Doğru (Towards the Village in the Turkish Novel, 1961), Batıya Yönelirken Şinasi (Şinasi While Turning to the West, 1962, 1966), Türk-Fransız Kültür İlişkileri (Turkish- French Cultural Relations, 1973).