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AKINCI, Ahmet Cemil

Novelist (b. 1914, Acre / Syria – d. 1 January 1984, İstanbul). He attended the Kuleli Military High School (1929), the War School and the Artillery School (1934). He joined the military and was sent to various places on duty. He retired in 1960 when he was a colonel. He wrote about religious and national issues in his novels but was criticized that the sources he used for his novels were not reliable.


NOVEL: Hilallerin Gölgesinde, Kâbe’ye Doğru (Towards the Kaabe at Mecca under the Shadow of Crescents, 27 prophets in 27 volumes, 2nd. edition 1981), Kâbe’den Fışkıran Nûr (The Light that Shines from the Kabe, in 15 volumes, 1983), Yaylanın Derdi (The Pain of the Plateau), Hazret-i Ebubekir (Esteemed Ebubekir), Hazret-i Ömer (Esteemed Ömer), Hazret-i Osman (Esteemed Osman), Hazret-i Ali (Esteemed Ali), Hazret-i Hatice (Esteemed Hatice), Halîlü'r-Rahman Hazret-i İbrahim (Faithful Friend Esteemed İbrahim), Yüzbaşı Murat (Lieutenant Murat), Elif Sultan (Elif Sultan), Asil Düşman (The Noble Foe), Sabır Çağları Peygamber Hazret-i Eyyûb (The Times of the Patient Prophet Esteemed Eyüp), Selçuk Kartalı Aldoğan (Aldoğan, The Seljukian Eagle), Hazret-i Aişe (Esteemed Aişe), Hazret-i Fâtıma (Esteemed Fatıma), Hazret-i Âmine (Esteemed Amine), Hazret-i Hamza (Esteemed Hamza), Gir Cennetime (Enter into My Heaven).

OTHER WORKS: Rahmet Müjdecisi Hazret-i Muhammed’in Hususiyetleri (The Characteristics of Muhammad the Bringer of God’s Mercy), Hazret-i Peygamber'in Savaşları (The Wars of Esteemed Prophet Muhammed), Mehmetçikle 30 Yıl (30 Years in the Army), Cinler Alemi (World of the Demons).