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AKIN, Gülten

Poet (b. 23 January 1933, Yozgat). She moved to Ankara with her family in 1943. She attended Cebeci Elementary School (1948), Ankara High School for Girls (1951) and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1955). She worked at the Ministry of the Interior during her time at university. After graduation, she worked at the Turkish Language Association for a time. Beginning in 1960, she worked as an assistant teacher and lawyer in Gevaş, Aluca, Şavşat, Haymana, Gerze, Saray and Maraş where she went with her husband who was a governor.

Her first poem (Çin Masalı, a Chinese Tale) was published in the newspaper Son Haber (April 1951). She published her poems, which she had started to write in her days at high school, in reviews such as Hisar, Mülkiye, Türk Dili (1952), Varlık (1954), Seçilmiş Hikâyeler and Yeditepe. She attempted to distance herself from the “Second New Movement” and tried to utilize folk poetry in her later poetry. She wrote stories and short plays as well as her poems. She shared the first award of a competition held by the review Varlık with Teoman Karahun in 1955. She won the Turkish Language Association Poetry Award in 1965 with her book Sığda (In the Shallow), the Achievement Award at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation Art Awards in 1970 with Maraş’ın ve Ökkeş’in Destanı (The Legend of Maraş and Ökkeş), the Yeditepe Poetry Award in 1977 with her book Ağıtlar ve Türküler (Elegies and Songs), the Halil Kocagöz Poetry Award in 1991 with Sevda Kalıcıdır (Love is Lasting), the Sedat Simavi Literature Award in 1992 with Seyran (The Promenade), the Mediterranean Golden Orange Poetry Award in 1999 with Sessiz Arka Bahçeler (The Silent Gardens) and the TÜYAP Distinction Award in 2004.


POETRY: Rüzgar Saati (Wind Clock, 1956), Kestim Kara Saçlarımı (I Cut off My Black Hair, 1960), Sığda (In the Shallows, 1965), Kırmızı Karanfil (The Red Carnation, 1971), Maraş’ın ve Ökkeş’in Destanı (The Legend of Maraş and Ökkeş, 1972), Ağıtlar ve Türküler (Elegies and Songs, 1976), Seyran Destanı (The Legend of Seyran, 1979), Seyran (Seyran, collected poems, 1982), İlâhiler (Hymns, 1983), Sevda Kalıcıdır (Love is Lasting, 1991), İzlediğimiz Sular (Water that We Watch, 1991), Sonra İşte Yaşlandım (And Then I Got Old, 1995), Toplu Şiirleri (Selected Poetry, a collection of her 10 poetry books, 1956-1951; 1996), Sessiz Arka Bahçeler (The Silent Gardens, 1998), Uzak Bir Kıyıda (On a Distant Shore, 2003)

OTHER WORKS: Halk Dilinde Bir Top Gül (A Bunch of Roses in the Vernacular, collection, 1973), Şiiri Düzde Kuşatmak (Surrounding Poetry with Simplicity, articles, 1984), 42 Gün (42 Days, narrative, 1986), Şiir Üzerine Notlar (Notes on Poetry, articles, 1996), Toplu Oyunlar (Collected Plays, 1997).