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AKIN, Enis

Poet (b. 9 September 1964, İstanbul). His full name is İbrahim Enis Akın. He attended the British High School for Boys (1983) and graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering. He studied Traffic Lights Control Simulations at Swinburne University in Australia. He worked as a translator, text writer and data base advisor at various institutions. He continues his studies in İstanbul. His poems and articles have been published in reviews such as Edebiyat Dostları, Öküz, Edebiyat ve Eleştiri and Atlılar since 1988.

WORKS (Poetry):

Hiç Ama Birini (Anyone but One, 1989), Öyleyse Ayrılalım (If So, Let’s Break Up, 1994), Puşt Ahali (The Fag People, 2002), Öpünce Geçmez (It Won’t Be Healed with a Kiss, 2003).