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AKDORA, İskender Fikret

Poet (b. 1914, İstanbul). He attended the Kuleli Military High School and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1944). He started his business (1946) after having worked in state organizations for a time.

His first poem was published in the review Muhit (1932). His later works were published in reviews such as Çağrı, Oluş, Dikmen, İstanbul and in Yirminci Asır (1947- 53), which he published.


POETRY: Hatıralar Şehri (City of Memories, 1945), Renkli Şiirler (Colored Poems, 1950), Gün Sonu (The End of the Day, 1953), Arakonda (Araconda, 1954), Kubbe Altı (Under the Dome, 1955), Ayda bir Şey Yok (There is Nothing on the Moon, 1955), Deli Dünya (Mad World, 1956), İnsanlar Arasında (Among the People, 1956), Kantaşı (Bloodstone, 1958), Vega (Vega, 1963), Acı Gök (The Bitter Sky, 1965), Mavi Kan (Blue Blood, 1970), Sağken (While Living, all poems, 1988), Kanda Leke (The Stain on the Blood, 1991).

NOVEL: Dünyanın Öptüğü Kız (The Girl the World Kissed, 1966).