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AKDAĞ, Tevfik

Poet (b. 1932, İzmir - d. 28 September 1993, İstanbul). He attended the İzmir İnönü High School (1951) and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences (1958). He worked as a supervisor at a bank in İstanbul until retirement.

His poems bearing the characteristics of the Second New Movement were first published in Varlık (1952), and later in journals such as Papirüs, Türk Dili, Yeditepe, and Ataç. He published a journal called Şimdilik with his friends in 1955.

WORKS (Poetry):

Lacivert Kanatlı Bir Kuştu Gece (Night Was a Bird with Dark Blue Wings, 1968), Çıplak ve Sevinçle (Naked and Joyful, 1977), Kıpırda Ey Aydınlık - Tüm Şiirleri (Stir O Daylight – All Poems, 1994).