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AKDAĞ, Mustafa

Historian (b. 1913, Boğazlıyan / Yozgat - d. 1972, Ankara). He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography. After working as a teacher in Kars for a period of time, he became a lecturer in the faculty from which he graduated. He received his doctorate degree in 1945. He had to leave the faculty in 1947 and started working as a teacher at high school again. In 1951, he entered the Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of History and became an associate professor and then a professor there. He was arrested for a while during the 12 March Period of military government. He died a short time after he was released. He was among the famous history researchers of his time.


Türkiye'nin İktisadî ve İçtimaî Tarihi (The Economic and Social History of Turkey, 2 volumes, 1959, 1974), Büyük Celâli Karışıklıklarının Başlaması (Beginning of the Great Celali Disorder, 1963), Türk Halkının Dirlik ve Düzenlik Kavgası (Turkish People’s Fight for Unity and Order, 1975).