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AKDAĞ, Mehmet Zeki

Poet (b. 28 June 1929, Göktepe town / Sarıveliler / Karaman). He attended the Göktepe Primary School (1943), the School of Veterinary Health Technicians (1948), and the Language School of Ordu (1960). After his retirement in 1968, he started to work for the newspaper Milliyet. He worked as a correspondent, news coordinator and head of the editorial department and editor-in-chief for the newspapers such as Akşam, Güneş, Yeni İstanbul, Son Posta, Hergün and Ortadoğu. He was a founding member of the Authors and Artists Foundation of Turkish World and became the İstanbul representative to the Professional Association of Scientific and Literary Work Owners of Turkey. He is a founding member of the Journalists Association of Turkey, the Union of Journalists and a member of the executive board of the Professional Association of Scientific and Literary Work Owners of Turkey.

His first poem was published in the review Erciyes in 1947. His poems and articles appeared in many reviews such as Çınaraltı, Hisar, Türk Edebiyatı, Türk Dili, Millî Kültür, Yeni Ufuklar, Türk Yurdu, Türk Dünyası, Kültür Dünyası, Orkun Tarla, Kızılelema, Türk Sanatı, Petek and Dokuz Eylül; and in newspapers such as Hergün, Ortadoğu, Güneş, Yeni İstanbul, Bayrak, Ayyıldız and Bugün since 1947. Together with some of his friends, he has published a review on music called Mızrap for six years. Over 30 poems of Akdağ were set to music in various compositions of Turkish Classical Music. In 1977, he collected the Award for the Journalist of the Year in the category of investigative journalism. The Ministry of Culture opened a public library after his name.


POETRY: Kırkikindi (The Afternoon Rains, 1967), Dar Saat (The Restricted Time, 1973), Uzun Hava (The Long Song, 1991), Yağmura Duran Bulut (The Cloud to Rain, 1999), Önce Şiir Vardı (At First, There was Poetry, 1999), Boşa Çiğnemedim Yalan Dünyayı (I Didn’t Run Over the Fake World in Vain, 2003).