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AKÇAM, A. Alper

Storywriter (b. 8 June 1952, Ardahan). His full name is Ahmet Alper Akçam. He is the son of the writer Dursun Akçam. He received education in Ardahan, Kırıkkale and Ankara. He worked as an expert of general surgery in hospitals of Ankara, Yalova, Karabük and Bursa for about 26 years. He left his profession as an active doctor in 2000, and started to engage only in literature. He has articles in the form of short story, essay, critic and novel. He continued his works in Mudanya. He is a member of the Turkish Authors Association and the Bursa Foundation for Culture and Arts.

He received the Turkish Medical Doctors Association’s Short Story Award in 1997, an honorary mention at the Orhan Kemal Short Story Contest in 2002, and the first rank at the short story contest held by the Union of Medical Workers and the Turkish Authors Association in 2001.


Ağaların Ağası (the Master of the Masters, 1999), Karanlıkta Bir Işık (A Light in the Dark, 1999), Islaktı Gözleri (Her Eyes were Wet, 1999), Soluksuz Sıcaklarda (Without Breath in Hot Weather, 2000), Açık Kapıların Arkası (Behind the Open Doors, 2000), Doktor Civanım (My Lovely Doctor, 2001), Vurdu Günahını Sırtına (Carrying His Sins on His Back, 2002).