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AKBEL, Sabri

Novelist (b. 1950, Beşiri / Batman). He attended primary school in Yakıtlı village, elementary school in Batman and high school in Elazığ (1969). He worked as a teacher in various cities in Turkey after graduating from Siirt Primary Teacher Training School in 1970. He entered İstanbul University and graduated from the Faculty of Literature, Department of Turkish Language and Literature in 1982 after coming to İstanbul in 1974. He worked as a teacher and director at various schools and he was the İstanbul National Education Director and a branch director from 1985. He was working as a manager when he retired in 2001. His articles and short stories have been published in the newspapers Yeni Asya and Yeni Nesil, and in the reviews Sur, Can Kardeş, etc.

WORKS (Novel):

Çelikleşen İradeler (Will of Steel), Rahmet Sel Oldu (God’s Mercy Became Bounteous), Kırmızı Güllü Mavi Eşarp (The Blue Scarf with a Red Rose), Toprağın Teri (Toil of the Earth), Dünyaya Meydan Okuyan Adam (The Man Challenging the World), Kaht u Gala (Drought and Festivity), Yayla Balı (The Honey of the Mountain), Cennet Ağacı (Paradise Tree), Analar Ağlamasın (Mothers Shall not Cry), Yolun Sonu Sistemin Çöküşü (End of the Road, the Collapse of the System, 2001).