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AKARSU, Hikmet Temel

Storywriter and novelist (b. 12 April 1960, Gümüşhane). He attended the Selimiye Primary School, the Haydarpaşa High School (1977), and graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture (1982). After working as an architect and tradesman for some time, he only engaged himself in writing after 1994. His articles were published in the review Varlık. He wrote critics and essays in Radikal Kitap, E, Gösteri, Varlık and Cumhuriyet Kitap, and became columnist in the newspaper Posta. He is a member of the PEN Association of Writers and the Writers Syndicate of Turkey.


NOVEL: Sevgili Superi (Dear Fairy of Water, 1988), Aleladelik Çağı/Kayıp Kuşak 1 (The Age of Ordinariness/The Lost Generation 1, 1990), Yeniklerin Aşkı/Kayıp Kuşak 3 (Love of the Defeated/The Lost Generation 3, 1991), Çaresiz Zamanlar/Kayıp Kuşak 2 (The Times of Despair/The Lost Generation 2, 1994), Kaybedenlerin Öyküsü/İstanbul Dörtlüsü 1 (The Tale of Losers/The Quartet of İstanbul 1, 1998), İngiliz/İstanbul Dörtlüsü 2 (The Englishman/The Quartet of İstanbul 2, 1999), Küçük Şeytan/İstanbul Dörtlüsü 3 (The Little Satan/The Quartet of İstanbul 3, 1999), Media/İstanbul Dörtlüsü 4 (Media/The Quartet of İstanbul 4, 2000), Ölümsüz Antikite I-Aseksüel Koloni ya da Antiope (The Immortal Antiquity I - The Asexual Colony or Antiope, 2002), Ölümsüz Antikite II-Siber Tragedya ya da İphigeneia (The Immortal Antiquity II - Cyber Tragedy or Iphigenia, 2003), Ölümsüz Antikite III-Casus Belli ya da Helena (The Immortal Antiquity III - Agent Belli or Helena, 2004).