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AKARSU, F. Bedia

Researcher and writer (b. 27 January 1921, İstanbul). She graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Philosophy (1943). She also completed her doctorate studies at the same university. She became an assistant professor in 1960 and then a professor in 1968. She served as the Head of the Branch of Systematic Philosophy and Logic in the Department of Philosophy at İstanbul University; she retired in 1984. Until 1982 she was a member of the Turkish Language Association and the vice president in the last period of this association. Her articles were published in the reviews Felsefe Arkivi (1949), Türk Dili (1979), Arayış (1981), Gösteri (1981-82) etc and the newspaper Cumhuriyet. After Kamuran Birand, Akarsu was the second woman philosophy professor in Turkey. After retiring, she was involved in founding the Philosophy Group Education Department at Çukurova University for which she also prepared the course program.


Wilhelm von Humboldt'ta Dil Kültür Bağlantısı (The Relationship between Language and Culture in Wilhelm von Humboldt, 1955), Max Scheler'de Kişilik Problemi (Problem of Personality in Max Scheler, 1962), Modern Toplumda Kadın (Women in Modern Society, 1963), Ahlâk Öğretileri 1: Mutluluk Ahlâkı (Ethical Doctrines I: Ethics of Happiness, 1965), Kur'an'ın Ahlâk Felsefesi (Philosophy of Ethics in the Holy Koran, 1968), Ahlâk Öğretileri 1I: Immanuel Kant'ın Ahlâk Felsefesi (Ethical Doctrine II. Ethic Philosophy of Immanuel Kant, 1968), Atatürk Devrimi ve Yorumları (The Revolution of Atatürk and Their Interpretations, 1969), Felsefe Terimleri Sözlüğü (A Dictionary of Philosophy Terms, 1975), Çağdaş Felsefe (Contemporary Philosophy, 1979), Ahlâk Öğretileri I-II (Doctrines of Ethics II, 1982), Atatürk Devrimi ve Temelleri (Kemalist Revolution and its Fundamentals, 1995).