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AKAR, Atilla

Journalist and writer (b. İstanbul, 1960). He graduated from Marmara University, School of Press and Publication, Department of Journalism and Public Relations (1987). He started working as a journalist in 1982 for Hakimiyet newspaper. After working for a while in the Cumhuriyet newspaper, he did his military service. He has worked as a correspondent, editor, columnist, director of publication and coordinator for reviews, newspapers and TV channels such as Hürgün, Yeni Olgu, Tempo, Nokta, Panorama, Sosyal Demokrat Dergi, Akşam, Günaydın, Takvim, Radikal, Channel E and TV 8. Additionally, several of his articles, essays, interviews and series have been published in various mediums. Akar is interested in current affairs, political history, conspiracies and conspiracy structures, cinema and parapsychology.


Eski Tüfek Sosyalistler (The Old Socialists, 1989), Horzum Labirenti (Horzum Labyrinth, 1990), Kimlik Bunalımından Yenilenme Sıkıntısına Sosyal Demokrasi (Social Democracy from the Search of Identity to the Problem of Renewal, 1993), Öteki DSP Ecevitlerin Gayri Resmi Öyküsü (The Other Democratic Left Party, The Unofficial Story of the Ecevit’s, 2002), Kıyamet Komplosu (Doomsday Conspiracy, 2002), Derin Dünya Devleti Gizli Doktrinin Küresel Efendileri (Underworld State, Global Masters of Secret Doctrines, 2003), Komploların Yüzyılı (Century of Conspiracies), Yüzyılın Komploları / Emperyal Satrancın Entrika Hamleleri (Conspiracies of the Century/ Deceptive Moves of Imperial Chess, 2003).