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Historian and writer (b. 10 October 1880, İstanbul - d. 1937). He used the pen names Nasrettin Hoca and Rıfkı Ali as well. He graduated from Kuleli High School and the School of War. He worked as a teacher in military schools. He served in the army during the Balkan War. Although he retired after the Balkan War, he joined the army as captain again and was assigned the task of arranging the archives of the army. He gave history lectures at a university after the First World War and was promoted to professor. Upon the death of Abdurrahman Şeref, he was appointed to the Chair of the Ottoman History Council (1924).

He wrote in many publications such as İkdam, Yeni Mecmua and Tarih Encümeni Mecmuası. Some of his works were serialized in newspapers. His main feature was that he wrote works that put the joy of history in people. He wrote many lyrics most of which were set to music. He was also known for his excessive indulgence in alcohol. He was awarded a medal by the Swedish government because of his work Demirbaş Şarl (Charles the Habitué, 1918). His works number more than a hundred.

Sixteen works of Ahmet Refik Altınay that were published by Kitaphane-i Hilmi İbrahim Hilmi in a series under the title Geçmiş Asırlarda Osmanlı Hayatı (Ottoman Lifestyle in the Previous Centuries) between 1915-1927, started to be republished by the İş Bank Foundation of Historical Culture, National Publications in the Tarihe Yolculuk (Journey to History) series from 2001.


Gazâvât-ı Celile-i Peygamberî (Glorious Wars of the Prophet Muhammed, 1906), Meşhur Osmanlı Kumandanları (Famous Ottoman Commanders, 1907), Tarih-i Umûmî (General History, 6 volumes, 1910-1912), Lale Devri (The Tulip Period, 1912), Kadınlar Saltanatı (Sultanate of Women, 4 volumes, 1914-1923), Tarihî Simalar (Historical Faces, 1914), Köprülüler (Those Bridged, 2 volumes, 1915), Memaliki Osmaniye'deDemirbaş Şarl (Charles the Habitué in the Ottoman Dominions, 1918), X. Asrı Hicrî'de İstanbul Hayatı (10th Century İstanbul Life in the Hegira, 1917, 1987), Âlimler ve Sanatkârlar (Scholars and Artists, 1922), Anadolu'da Türk Aşiretleri (Turkish Tribes in Anatolia, 1930), Osmanlı Devrinde Türkiye Madenleri (Turkish Mines in the Ottoman Period, 1930), Viyana Önünde Türkler (Turks Outside Vienna, 1931), Turhan Valide (Turhan Valide, 1931), Tarih ve Müverrihler (History and Historians, 1932), Kâtip Çelebi (Katip Çelebi, 1932), Türk Mimarları (Turkish Architects, 1932), İki Komite İki Kıtal (Two Committees, Two Wars, 1994), Kafkas Yollarında (On The Road to Caucasus, 1998).