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Writer (b. 1864, İstanbul - d. 21 September 1932). He used the pen name Leylâ Feride too. He completed his primary education at his neighborhood school and his secondary education at the School for Orphans (1883). He worked as a civil servant at the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. After that, he earned his living by writing and working in newspapers. He was the İstanbul parliamentary deputy between 1927-32.

His first article was published in Tercüman-ı Hakikat newspaper (1884). He worked for Vakit, Tasvir-i Efkâr, Yeni Gün and Cumhuriyet newspapers. His articles were published in many reviews. He wrote more than a hundred works of novel, short story, anecdote, memoir and research. Some of them were compiled and published after his death.

The most important of his works is his research Resimli ve Haritalı Tarih-i Osmanî (Ottoman History with Pictures and Maps, 1910-12). His novels are mostly in long story form and with a romantic style. His accomplishments are demonstrated especially in his memoirs and anecdotes that he had written since childhood. He composed around forty songs the lyrics of which were mostly written by him.


Gecelerim (My Nights, 1894), Kitâbe-i Gam (Book of Grief, 3 volumes, 1897-99), İlk Sevgi (First Love, 1890), Bir Sefilenin Evrak-ı Metrûkesi (Abandoned Documents of a Miserable Woman, 1891), Meyl-i Dil (Slip of The Tongue, 1891), Afife (Moral, 1892), Tecrübesiz Aşk (Inexperienced Love, 1894), Asker Oğlu (Son of a Soldier, 1897), Ömr-i Ebedî (Eternal Life, 4 volumes, 1897-1900), Hamamcı Ülfet (The Turkish Bath Owner Ülfet, 1922, 1958), Makâlât ve Musahâbât (Articles and Interviews, 1907), Şehir Mektupları (Letters from the City , 4 volumes, 1910-11), Tarih ve Muharrir (History and Writer, 1910), İki Hatırat, Üç Şahsiyet (Two Memories, Three People, 1916, 1976), Romanya Mektupları (Letters from Romania , 1916), Eşkal-i Zaman (Description of Time, 1918, 1969), Fuhş -i Atik (Alert Immorality, 1922, 1958) Gülüp Ağladıklarım (Those I Laughed at and Cried for, 1926), Muharrir Bu Ya (That’s the Writer, 1926, 1969), Falaka (Bastinado), Ramazan Sohbetleri (Ramadan Conversations, 1967), Resimli ve Haritalı Osmanlı Tarihi (Ottoman History with Pictures and Maps, 4 volumes, 1910-12), İstibdattan Hakimiyet-i Milliyeye (From Despotism to National Sovereignty, 1924), Seçmeler (Selected Works, 1968), Anılar ve Söyleşiler (Memoirs and Interviews, 1983), Osmanlı İmparatorluğunun Reform Çabaları İçinde Batış Evreleri (Periods of Collapse of the Ottoman Empire During the Efforts of Reform, 1987, simplified by H. V. Velidedeoğlu).