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Poet (b. 1 March 1933, İnegöl / Bursa). His full name is Ahmet Necdet Sözer. He attended the İnegöl Central Primary School, the İnegöl Secondary School, İstanbul Çapa High School for Boys (1950) and graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Geography (1954) and from the Çapa Teacher Training School. He received his doctorate degree on Human and Economical Geography at Atatürk University, Faculty of Literature, in Erzurum in 1963. He worked as a teacher in Van (1954-55), Konya (1956-57) and Finike (1959-60). Later, he began to work as an assistant at the Atatürk University in 1961. After completing his doctorate studies here (1963), he became an associate professor (1968) and then a professor (1974). At Atatürk University, where he worked about 15 years as a professor of geography, he published a review of one page with the title Deneme between 1968 and 1969, in eight numbers. After working for a while at the Muğla High School of Management, he entered the educational cadre of the Ege University as a lecturer (1979) and here founded the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Arts, and published the review Ege Coğrafyası. He worked at Uludağ University, Faculty of Education between 1994 and 1999. He was retired from this university as a lecturer.

His first poem Gece Yarısı Şiirleri I-III-Midnight Poems I-III) was published in the May-June 1950 issue of the review Uludağ (Bursa). Later, he published his works in the reviews İstanbul, Yeditepe, Varlık, Broy, Çağdaş Eleştiri, Musiki ve Nota, Adam Sanat, Biçem, Yeni Biçem, Düşlem, Yaşasın Edebiyat, İnsancıl, Kedi Şiir Seçkisi (Antalya), İnsan (Antalya), Bahçe (Antalya), Güzel Yazılar and Gösteri. Besides his own poetry books, he edited anthologies and translated works from the Western literature. He produced the programs "Şeker Mikrofon" (The Candy Microphone) at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s İzmir Radio, and "Stüdyo İzmir" (Studio İzmir) at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s Channel 2, besides other programs at the private televisions Olay TV (Bursa), As TV, Flash TV and Yeditepe TV (İstanbul). He received the Turkish Language Association’s Poetry Award with his book Gün Yüzleri (Faces of Sun). He shared the Yunus Nadi Poetry Award in 2002 with Roni Margulies with his book Aşk Ey (Oh Love!). His translation of Yevgeniy Onegin was awarded by the review Dünya-Kitap as the best translation of the year 2003. He is member of the PEN Association of Writers, the Writers Syndicate of Turkey and the Turkish Authors Association.


POETRY: Uzuneşek (Long Jump, 1977), Ne Çok Enkaz (How Much Wreckage, 1988), Sana Bunca Yangından (To You from So Much Fire, 1991), İnegöl Hey İnegöl (İnegöl, Oh İnegöl!, 1992), Gün Yüzleri (Faces of Sun, 1992), Kün (Become, 1994), Ay Kasidesi (The Kaside* for the Moon, 1995), Zümrüt Yonga (The Emerald Chip, 1998), Bir Can Yongasıdır Aşk (Love is a Chip of Soul, collected poems and new poems, 1998), Aşk Ey (Love Oh!, 2001), Haiku Kuşu (The Bird of Haiku, 2004), İnce Divan (The Thin Divan*, 2004).

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Bir Bölük Ankâ (A Group of Phoenix, 2003).

ANTHOLOGY: Çağdaş Fransız Şiiri (Contemporary French Poetry, 1959), Modern Türk Şiiri Yönelimler/ Tanıklıklar/ Örnekler (Contemporary Turkish Poetry: Trends/ Witnesses/ Examples, 1993), Bugünün Diliyle Divan Şiiri Antolojisi (An Anthology of the Divan* Poetry in Today's Language, 1995), Baudelaire'den Bugüne Fransız Şiiri Antolojisi (An Anthology of French Poetry from Baudelaire to Present, 1997), Tekke Şiiri (The Tekke Poetry, 1997), Latin Şiiri Antolojisi (An Anthology of Latin Poetry, in collaboration with Jean Louis Mattei, 1998), Aşklar Şiirle Kanar (Loves Bleed with Poems, 1999), Yahya Kemal'den Günümüze Tematik Türk Şiiri Antolojisi (An Anthology of Thematic Turkish Poetry from Yahya Kemal to Present, 2000), Rus Şiirinin Gümüş Çağı (Silver Age of the Russian Poetry, 2004).

PLAY: Kraliçe Stratonike (the Queen Stratonike, 2000, play in verse).

Besides, he translated many works from famous poets like Aragon, Baudelaire and G. Apollinaire and has many articles on geography published in reviews such as Türk Coğrafya Dergisi, Bibliyografya Dergisi, Ege Coğrafya Dergisi etc.