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Historian (b. 1817, İstanbul - d. 1907). He grew up studying at Madrasah (Muslim Theological School). He served as a Persian translator at the Office of the Grand Vizier, as proofreader for Takvim-i Vekâyi newspaper and as a Turkish teacher in the Medical School. He worked as historiographer (1865-71) after Cevdet Paşa, as a Muslim judge in İstanbul (1876), as the Head of Muslim Judiciary in Anatolia (1879) and Rumelia (1881) and as member of the Council of State (1876, 1882).


Ahmet Lütfi Tarihi (Ahmet Lütfi History, 16 volumes, 7 volumes of the work were published when he was alive. The 8th volume was published by Ab-durrahman Şeref, the 9th volume was published by Prof. Dr. Münir Aktepe. The other volumes are still being written), Divançe (Small Divan*), Lügât-ı Kâmus (Dictionary of Dictionaries, only two letters were published), Tefhimu'l-Müteallim (Common Education, translation of İmam-ı Gazali's work called Ta'limü'l-Müteallim - Study of the Student)