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Writer (b. 1876, İstanbul - d. 1910). He attended the Fatih Primary School, Vefa High School and graduated from the School of Law. He gave administrative law lectures at the same school as the assistant of Hakkı Paşa, who was appointed as grand vizier. He began to give lectures on state law in 1908. He served as a member of the Council of Education, as the İstanbul Education Director and as a public prosecutor at the Government Accounting Bureau. His research articles on economic matters and sociology were published in Ulûm-i İktisadiye ve İçtimaiye Journal (Volume 3, 1908-10), which he published with Rıza Tevfik and Mehmed Cavit. He became the leading light of the Scientific Wealth Movement, which he joined in 1896. Hayat ve Kitaplar (Life and Books, 1901), in which he introduced western intellectualism and art along with their representatives and Esmâr-ı Matbuat (The Fruits of the Press), which was published after his death, contained his articles published in the Scientific Wealth Journal.


Hayat ve Kitaplar (Life and Books, 1913), Hukuk-ı İdare (Administrative Law, 2 volumes, 1910-13), Hukuk-ı Umûmiye-i Düvel (General State Law, 1912).