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Writer (b. 1878, Lice / Diyarbakır - d. 1940's, Syria). He was one of the members of the Azmi Kavî Association founded in 1900. When he was attending the El-Ezher University in Egypt, where he had gone in 1904, he joined the Young Turks, who were active in that country, and participated in the activities against the rule of Sultan Abdülhamid. Upon the announcement of the Constitutional Monarchy, he returned to İstanbul and became director in the school opened by the Kurdish Association for Common Education. He was exiled to Kastamonu because he published a divançe (poetry booklet) called Divançe-i Dehrî (Small Divan* of an Atheist). He returned to İstanbul when an amnesty was granted by the government of Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Paşa who came to power on 12 July 1912. He fled to Syria after the Şeyh Sait Revolt and died there in the 1940’s. His tomb is in the Kurdish district of Damascus.


STUDY-RESEARCH: Hetaya Selef ve Halef (The Mistake of Successor and Predecessor), İhtara Dicle ve Fırat Veya Gazîya Havara Mabeyni Nehran (Warning of the Tigris and the Euphrates or Mesopotamia’s Call For Help), Paşvemana Kürdan veya Kürdistan (Impediment of Kurds or Kurdistan), Himaye Kırına Maarif veya Himaye Nekırına Maarif (Protection or Non-protection of Education).

He also edited some works.