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Storywriter and novelist (b. 6 April, 1964, Kurcakol village / Bayburt). He attended the 21 Şubat Kurtuluş Primary School (1972), Bayburt High School (1978) and graduated from Fırat University, Faculty of Veterinary (Elazığ, 1984). He received a master degree in the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Institute (1996).

He started to work as a veterinarian at the Agricultural District Directory of Lice, Diyarbakır (1987-91), and worked as a candidate of specialist and specialist veterinarian at the Foot-and-Mouth Institute of The Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs (1991-96) and as an assistant director at the same institute (1996-2003). He was appointed as the assistant director to the İzmir Quarantine Station and Customs Veterinary Directory in 2003. He is a member of the Turkish World Writers and Artists Foundation, Turkish Veterinarians Union Foundation, Veterinarian Microbiology Association, Union of Writers of Children’s Literature (second chairman), Writers Union of Turkey (member of the executive board).

His first article with the title “Sokaklar Sussun Devlet Konuşsun” (The Streets Be Quite, the State Talk, 1987) and his first short story titled Top Sesi (Cannon Voice) were published in the newspaper Bayburt Postası (1980). His other articles appeared in local newspapers of Diyarbakır (1988-91) and in Veteriner Hekimler Dergisi (1993-95), in the newspaper Türkiye (1994) and in reviews such as Türk Edebiyatı, Türk Kültürü, Türk Yurdu, Kümbet and Bizim Külliye (1995-2003). He worked as the editor-in-chief in the reviews Türk Veteriner Hekimleri Birliği Dergisi and Türk Veteriner Hekimleri Birliği Bülteni (1999-2003).

The author, who earned awards at the Ömer Seyfettin Short Story Competition in 1996, 1997 and 2001, received honorary mention by the Deutsche Welle at an International Story Contest in Germany in 1997 with his short story titled Yarenim Var Yıldızlardan (I Have A Friend From Stars). His novel with the title Ateşle Dans (Dance With Fire) was dignified with an award at a novel contest organized by Tuzla Municipality in 2001. His short story titled Yarenim Var Yıldızlardan (I Have Friends From Stars) was published both in Turkish and German in Germany in 1997.


SHORT STORY Gecede Sır Oldu (Became a Secret in the Night, 1995), Merhamet Gölgeleri (Shadows of Compassion, 1997), Yarenim Var Yıldızlardan (I Have a Friend from Stars, 1999).

NOVEL: Ateşle Dans (Dance with Fire, 2002), Eylülde Soldu Bu Çiçekler (These Flowers Faded on September, 2003). Eşşekler Kasabası (Town of Donkeys, 2003).

CHILDREN’S SHORT STORY: Yaz Çobanı (Summer’s Shepherd), Taşa Vurulan Mühür (The Seal Printed on Stone), Taşa Verilen Görev (The Duty Given to the Stone), Taşa Atılan İmza (The Sign Put on Stone), Taş Oyuncaklar (Stone Toys, 2000).

FAIRY TALE: Tilki ile Yılan (Fox and Snake, 2000).