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ADALI, Kutlu

Journalist and writer (b. 3 January 1935, Nicosia / Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - d. 7 July 1996). As his family moved to Antalya when he was three years old, he completed his primary, secondary and high school education in this city. He stayed in Turkey until 1954. Later he helped with the publication of various journals in Cyprus and he also published his own journals and newspapers. He established the Beşparmak Publishing House. He prepared village reports during the years 1961-63. He worked at the Turkish Community Council. He wrote for various newspapers. He retired from the Office of the Directorate of Population Registration in 1985. He was married to İlkay Adalı, who was also a poet. He wrote many works that were not published.


Köy Raporları (Village Reports, 1961-62-63), Dağarcık (Memory, village notes, 1963), Söyleşi ya da 9 Mart Diyalogu (Conversation or 9 March Dialogue, 1968), Sancılı Toplum (Society in Pain, 1969), Çirkin Politikacı Pof (Ugly Politician Pof, 1969), Hayvanistan (Country of Beasts, 1969), Köprü (Bridge, play, 1969-70), Şago'nun Destanı (Legend of Şago, 1970), Nasreddin Hoca ve Kıbrıs Şiirleri (Nasreddin Hoca and Poems of Cyprus, 1969-71).