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ABACI, Tahir

Poet and writer (b. 1951, İstanbul). He has also used the pen names Mehmet Tahir and Sakıp Coşkun. He graduated from Malatya High School, İstanbul University, Institute of Journalism and the Faculty of Law. He has worked as a publisher, civil servant and lawyer. He published his poems and articles first in newspapers and journals in Malatya, and then in journals such as Yeni Dergi, Milliyet Sanat, Sanat Olayı and Varlık. He was put on trial because of an article published in the journal Yarına Doğru, of which he was the founder (18 issues, 1973-76).


SHORT STORY: Gelin Ömrümüz (Our Life as a Bride, 1976).

POETRY: Odaları Utandıran Dağlar (Mountains Shaming the Rooms, 1976). Basit Şeyler (Simple Things, 1980), Sıcak Hayat (Warm Life, 1994), Sevdavi (Melancholic, 2002)

NOVEL: Ağır Akan Su (Water that Runs Slowly, 1990), Aynada Bir Yüz (A Face in the Mirror, 1995), İkinci Adım (Second Step, 1999).

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: Nasrettin Hoca (Nasrettin Hoca, children’s poems, 1980).

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Bir Zamanlar Anadolu'da (Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, 1999), Yahya Kemal ve Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar'da Müzik (The Music in Yahya Kemal and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, 2000), Harput-Elazığ Türküleri (Songs of Harput and Elazığ, 2000).