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Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre (1238-1320)

One of the greatest and the deepest poets of the Turkish folk literature. Yunus Emre is a great poet who managed to turn the Anatolian dialect into a language of literature and who succeeded in reciting poetry and chanting hymns in pure Turkish. He has written about issues which looked extremely complex.

Written in a pure and easily understood Turkish, some of his poems, which seem to be over simple at first glance, carry a deep meaning and have a certain quality which grips the reader and excites him, weaving a special magic. Yunus, in most of his poems declares his great love for the God. He has felt the elusive excitement of the love of God and also made others feel it.

Your love made me insane
Only you is who I need
I cry for yesterday
Only you is who I need
I am neither happy for your existence
Nor I am sorry for your nonexistence
I console myself with your love
Only you is who I need
Your love kills the lovers
Love makes one dive into the sea
Fills with manifestation
Only you is who I need
I may drink the wine of love
I may go up to the mountains like Majnun
If only you is my anxiety
Only you is who I need
The simples need to be talked
Memories need to be in the other world
Majnuns need Laila
Only you is who I need
If they kill me
They may throw my ashes into the air
And my soil calls them immediately
Only you is who I need
Yunus is my name
I increase day by day
I am wished in two of the worlds
Only you is who I need
Dive and see what in my soul is
There are roses for us within this public
Let them laugh and god be ours
How the unawares may know there are lovers of god
This road is steep and far
No passages but deep waters
The brave ones shall appear in this place
And no skills shall be kept inside
Do not appear, Yunus, in this place
There are braves in this place