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Füreya Koral

Füreya Koral (1910)

Turkish ceramic artist, who attained a synthesis of East and West with the improved technique of art in tile-making. Füreya Koral was born in İstanbul. She graduated from Notre Dame de Sion High School in 1927. For a while she continued her education at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Literature, at the Department of Philosophy. She took private violin courses, and wrote musica; criticism and did translations between 1940 and 1944. She started her tile-making studies in Lausanne in 1947. Later, with the support of the French tile-maker Serre, she continued her work at a private studio in Paris. She held her first ceramics and stone-printing exhibition in Paris in 1951. That same year she returned to Turkey and displayed her works at the Gallery Maya. She attended many national and international exhibitions and won various awards.

Füreyya Koral made ceramic boards, three-dimensional work of arts, and objects such as vases and plates in a style that ranged from the abstract to the surrealistic and with a local flavour. She combined Eastern and Western art in her works with her knowledge of tile-making.

Main Works;

Wall panel in Marmara Hotel lobby (1960,Ankara); Wall panels at Ulus shopping centre (1962, Ankara); Wall panels in the Tam Insurance Company building (1969,İstanbul); Wall panels at Manifaturacılar shopping centre (1969,Unkapanı\ İstanbul); Wall panels at Divan Pattiserie (Taksim\İstanbul).