XVI. Yüzyıl Osmanlı Devleti'nde Cülus ve Cenaze Törenleri

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Title: Ascending the Thorn and Sixteenth Century Ottoman Empire Funeral Ceremonies (XVI. Yüzyılda Osmanlı Devleti'nde Cülüs ve Cenaze Törenleri)
Author (Editor, Trans., etc.): Zeynep Tarım Ertuğ
Genre: History
Edition: First printing
Year of Publication: 1999
Dewey Decimal No: 956.100152
Number of Pages: 175 + xi, with colour illustrations
Size: 31 cm.
Publication No: 2340
Name of Series: Works on Ottoman Series
Series No: 16
ISBN: 975-17-2151-2
Copies Printed: 3,000
Price: 3,300,000 TL.

Description: This book examines from social, political and cultural perspectives the ceremonies which served to dethrone Ottoman sultans after their deaths and the passing of the reigns to the sultan's son.