Dictionary of Ankara Province Dialects

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Title: Dictionary of Ankara Province Dialects
Author, Translator, Editor: A. Esat BOZYİĞİT
Type: Dictionary
Edition: First edition
Year of Publication: 1998
Number of Pages: XV, 281 pages
Size: 24 cm.
Publication No.: 2167
Name of the Series: Reference Books Series
Series No.: 58
ISBN: 975 - 17 - 2041
Number of Copies: 3000
Price: 1.400.000 TL


The language used by Old Ankara and the current districts can be found in this volume with their Dialectical characteristics.

A. Esat BOZYİĞİT introduces his book titled " Dictionary of Ankara Province Dialects" with the following comments : "Collecting the folk sayings in Türkiye which are used by the common people and which, until now were not included in dictionaries or the language of the literature or which are very seldomly used, does not reflect a desire to see all of them in writings or even in speaches. However, these are published in order to present a dictionary of the folk speech thus brought together cwith a collective effort to the enthusiasts of language, to indroduce the terms and words used within our boundaries and to pave the way to all types of scientific research to be carried out on them .."

The Ankara provinve of today, with its 4 million population, with its 30.613 km square area, itc 24 central and perpherial districts and 926 villages embraces the characteristics of the central Anatolia Dialects, or it at least used to carry these characteristics. Todaythe urban population has received migrations from other regions and lost this characteristic to a considerable extent. The features of Dialects can now only be found at the neighbouring districts and villages.

Hence, "Dictionary of Ankara Province Dialects" will no doubt will be an important reference source for those who want to pursue studies in this area.