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Title: Topuzlu
Author, Translator, Editor: Hidayet SAYIN
Type: Drama
Edition: First edition
Year of Publication: 1998
Number of Pages: X, 117 pages
Size: 20 cm.
Publication No.: 2173
Name of the Series: Art - Drama Series
Series No.: 196 - 148
ISBN: 975 - 17 - 2086 - 9
Number of Copies: 3000
Price: 500.000 TL


"Topuzlu" is the first work of the playwright to be staged and it was successusfully produced in 1963 at Ankara State Theater. It was also staged at İstanbul City Theater and was received with interest from a wide circle of theater goers.

"Topuzlu" reflects the conflict between two elderly people living in a village which is writhing with hope and desperation, as well as the struggle between religious fanaticism and charlatanism, between naivety and cunning. Even if the end does not bring a desired solution, nevertheless a door to hope becomes slightly ajar.

This play touches upon social issues through the realities of the village life and tries to illuminate the living conditions of our people.