A Woman Named Pembe

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Title: A Woman Named Pembe
Author, Translator, Editor: Hidayet SAYIN
Type: Drama
Edition: First edition
Year of Publication: 1998
Number of Pages: 97 pages
Size: 20 cm.
Publication No.: 2174
Name of the Series: Art - Drama series
Series No.: 197 - 149
ISBN: 975 - 17 - 2087
Number of Copies: 3000
Price: 500.000 TL


The play "A Woman Named Pembe", first staged by Kent Players was also produced by amateur groups all over the country. There are also film and ballet versions of the "A Woman Named Pembe". This play of Hidayet Sayın, like his other play "Topuzlu", touches on social problems within the realities of the village and tries to reflect the living conditions of our people.

In the play, in a poor village, the "Woman Named Pembe" who is deserted by her husband with her child is desperate with hopelessnes when she learns that her husband has married a rich woman at a far away place and breaks down with her last hopes dying. Her hatred for her husband, is from then on for all men. The old woman caught in the throngs of ignorance does the one thing which should never be done and brings her already fragile world totally down.