A Selection of Essays from the Republican Period

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Title: A Selection of Essays from the Republican Period
Author, Translator, Editor: Konur ERTOP
Type: Selections from articles of thought
Edition: First edition
Year of Publication: 1998
Number of Pages: XV, 311 pages
Size: 20 cm.
Publication No.: 2175
Name of the Series: Cultural Works series
Series No.: 232
ISBN: 975 - 17 - 2099 - 0
Number of Copies: 3000
Price: 1.150.000 TL


The book is one of the works published as the contribution of the Ministry of Culture to the celebrations of the 75th year of the Republic. In this selection the main theme is the life in modern Türkiye and solutions to human and social problems are put forth. The articles selected strive to reachthe rational, social and secular roots of the contemporary civilization within the context of the enlightening interpretation of the Atatürk's way.

These articles which gave the Republican period its identity, deal with subjects such as Renaissance, humanism, religion, tradition, secularity, revolution, nationalism, populism, socialism, Atatürk's way, culture, art, history, ancient Anatolian civilizations, patriotism, village realities, westernization, women's rights, education, language revolution, intellectuals, youth, thought in their various dimensions and they put forward proposals for the Turkish intelligentsia.

The development of the essay form runs parallel to the developments in thought and prose. In Türkiye both areas showed development during the Republican period. The essays in this collected works is a mirror to this development.