Dark Blue/Violet

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Title of the Book : Dark Blue/Violet
Author, Prep., Trans., etc. : Sema İşisağ
Type : Stories
Printing: 1st Edition
Printing Year :
Subject No. : 813.42
Number of Pages: VII, 135 pages
Size : 20 cm
Publication No. : 2264
Name of Series : Arts - Literature Series
Series No. : 231-68
ISBN : 975-17-2181-4
Number of Printed Copies: 3000
Price : 600.000.- TL

Content: This book won the "Success AWARD" among stories in the Competition of Works due to the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic. It includes these stories by Sema İşisağ: 3 Loves-5 People, A Silver Clock, Fikriyanıma Requeim, The Necassary Thoughts have been Thought of, Would You Like Milk With Your Coffee Sir, Three Palamar Street and Tomato Flowers, The Mansion of Nevvare Hanım, Very Important Lost Things, The Fish in Love and Blue Brokar.