Dörtbaşımamur Şahin Çakırpençe

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Title of the Book : Dörtbaşımamur Şahin Çakırpençe
Author, Prep., Trans., etc. : Turan OFLAZOĞLU
Type : 2 part comedy
Printing: 2nd Edition
Printing Year : 1999
Subject No. : 812.42
Number of Pages: VII, 118 pages
Size : 20 cm
Publication No. : 1301
Name of Series : Arts-Theatre Series
Series No. : 239-41
ISBN : 975-17-0871-0
Number of Printed Copies: 3000
Price : 600.000.- TL

Content: This book revolves around two eternal characters. The never satisfied and the helpless are faced with each other. The competition between the two has been told of in an easy going manner.