The Last Pascha of Budin

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Title of the Book : The Last Pascha of Budin
Author, Prep., Trans., etc. : Mor Jokai; Naciye Güngörmüş
Type : Literature
Printing: 1st Edition
Printing Year : 1999
Subject No. : 894.51132
Number of Pages: XXII, 112 pages
Size : 20 cm
Publication No. : 2274
Name of Series : World Literature Series
Series No. : 27
ISBN : 975-17-2274-8
Number of Printed Copies: 3000
Price : 650.000.- TL

Content: During the 150 years of Ottoman reign in Macedonian lands, both sides have effected each other. It is very easy to see this impact on Macedonian Literature and language. Even though The Last Pascha of Budin was written two centuries after the withdrawal of Ottomans from Macedonian lands, it shows us that memories are still fresh in the mind.