Democracy in Turkish Press

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Title of the Book : Democracy in Turkish Press
Author, Prep., Trans., etc. : Alpay KABACALI
Type : Press and Democracy
Printing: 2nd Edition
Printing Year : 1999
Subject No. : 321.8
Number of Pages: XIV, 436 pages
Size : 20 cm
Publication No. : 1638
Name of Series : Democracy Classics Series
Series No. : 4
ISBN : 975-17-1411-7
Number of Printed Copies: 3000
Price : 1.800.000.- TL

Content: This book by Alpay KABACALI, which has been published by the Ministry of Culture for the second time, is made up of 8 parts. In the 1st part you shall find the concept of democracy and the entrance of democracy into Turkish media during the period of the Reforms. In the 2nd part you shall find out how democracy was viewed by the Turkish media and various arguements on democracy from the 2nd to the time of the Republic. The 3rd part tells of how democracy was viewed by the Turkish media after the declaration of the Republic and the media with a multiparty political system ( 1923-1945 ), the 4th part tells of the media while in transition to a multiparty democracy ( 1945-1950 ), the 5th part tells of democracy and the searches ( 1950 - 1960 ). And other headings are events after the 27th of May 1960 and the Turkish press during a return to democracy ( 1980-1982 ).