The Memoirs of Mobilization of Two Brothers

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Title of the Book : The Memoirs of Mobilization of Two Brothers
Author, Prep., Trans., etc. : Yıldırım SEZEN
Type : Memories
Printing: 1st Edition
Printing Year : 1999
Subject No. : 920
Number of Pages: XII, 194 pages
Size : 20 cm
Publication No. : 2278
Name of Series : Republic Series
Series No. : 5
ISBN : 975-17-2244-6
Number of Printed Copies: 3000
Price : 900.000.- TL

Content: This book tells about the Ottoman Empire which had to accept defeat in the First World War and which ended up fighting with Russians and it also tells about the social, economic and cultural impacts the mobilization and immigration from Eastern Anatolia to Central Anatolia on the people. It is all written directly from the mouths of those people. The author, who also witnessed these, didn' t change the original memories. Instead by explaining stories and ruins of the war, he has contributed greatly to this book.