It is 25 km to the east of Denizli Province, and 2 km to the north of Honaz District.

The highway going to Honaz from the Organized Industrial Region that is at the 16th km of Denizli - Ankara Highway passes through Colossae city.
The archaic city is established in the north of Honaz (Kadmos) mountain, on the shore of the Aksu Brook. It is on the south-east way that had been used since the Archaic Period. It is one of the most important centres in Big Phrygia. In accordance with Ksenophon, it is one of the 6 big cities of Phrygia.

It has lived its bright eras under the Persian sovereignty. Beginning from the 2nd century BC, it has lost its importance with the establishment of Herapolis and Laodikeia. At the beginning of the 1st century AD, wool and weaving industry has developed in Laodikeia. It has been destroyed with the earthquake that took place in the 1st century AD in the Nero Period.

In the Late Roman period, Hierapolis and Laodikeia become villages due to migration.

It was completely abandoned in 692 - 787 AD, because of the city Chonae was established at the location where today's Honaz District centre is located. We learn from the ancient sources that St. Michael church existed in Chonae city.

But there are no ruins today. There is a fort ruin belonging to the Ottoman Period on the hill.

The ruins of Colossae archaic city are encountered in the lands at the top of the puin place that used to be an acropolis and its surroundings. There are room and house type graves cut in the rock in the region in the south of the ruin place.