In the Elikesik village which was located on 6 km north-west of Alanya, within the borders of Pamphylia Region. It is known as Sinekkalesi by public. Strabon mentions that the timber used in ship building was grown in a town and particularly there were cedar trees in the town. It is believed that the town was founded before the Roman period. Rectangular stone shaped tower shows Hellenistic features. The most important ruins of the town include: an antique fountain, a Pool, semi-circle designed, exedra whose seats are still seen still readable inscriptions, a religious complex and a necropolis. Some inscriptions discovered in the town pave emblem of Hermes which indicates existence of the Hermes temple in the town. Considerable parts of an embossed stela ostoteks exhibited in the Alanya Museum were discovered in the town. It is known that a small community not being rich lived in Hamaxia between 100 and 200 AD under the reign of Coracesium. Important part of the ruins is dated from the Roman and Byzantine Period.