It was founded within the borders of today's Aydın. According to the myths, it was established by the Argostians and the barbarian Tralleissians. However, it should have been a city before used by the Karians.After it was occupied by Alexander in 334 BC, dominants of the city had frequently changed among the Hellenistic Kingdoms. It progressed in sculpture in the Bergama kingdom period and the two famous sculptors Apolloio and Tauriskos grew here. The only building that still remains standing in the city, described by Strabon, is a ruin of gymnasion built in the 2nd century AD and called Üçgözler by Aydın people. Necropolis lies in modern Aydın, at northern side of the city. It is being understood from the inscriptions found in the digs and from the articles of ancient period authors that the Zeus Larasios tempest and the Zeus Larasios cult existed in the Hellenistic Period. However, its exact location is not known yet. Besides, an agora, a theatre and a stagium are the other structures of the city.