The city, which is founded at the Deliktaş village in Çine District of Aydın, lies at 13 km to the northern-west side of the Alabanda ancient city. There are some traces showing that the history of the city goes back to the Archaic Period. The ruins in the city belong to the Archaic Period and the Roman Period. Gerga is an important place that reflects Karia culture. The city may be qualified as a place that protected its properties due to the fact that it is a city, which is built between the mountains. The rampart walls are typical Karia style.

It is stated in the sources that the name of Gerga can be a city and can also be the name of a God. The most important building is the one, which still remains standing and which has the properties of a temple. It was built of big stones and there is writing on a triangle forehead of the building. It is estimated that the huge statue which has fallen to the lower side of the building belonged to Kybele. It is learned from the sources and the people living in the region that this statue remained standing 20 - 30 years ago.