Amyzon is one of the Karia cities, which is founded at the Gaffarlar village in theKoçarlı District of Aydın. For the history of the city, we only make use of the inscriptions. In the 3rd century, Amyzon, who had first been the supporter of Ptolemaios and of Seleukos subsequently, made a bilateral agreement with Herakleia, which was located at lower sides of Latmos at the end of the 2nd century BC. Antiokhos III stated with the message he sent to Amyzon in 203 BC. that he approved the privileges of the city. And the authority for protecting the people who took refuge in the Apollo and Artemis tempest was among these privileges. The ramparts of the city still remain standing and it is built with the isodynamic method used in 300 BC. The Apollo and Artemis tempest, ramparts, underground rooms with the arched vaults and a Byzantine building are the ones, which still remain standing.