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İçel - Silifke Museum

The first museum works in Silikfe started between the years 1939-1940 with gathering the old works of art of the town in the Cumhuriyet Primary School. In 1958, some part of the same school was used as a depot museum.

In 1973, the construction of today’s museum was started; on August 2, 1973 the administrative building and display saloons were opened to public. The Silifke Museum is of two storeys and is situated in a garden. The Museum, where archaeological and ethnographical works are displayed, has 20337 works of art.

Works belonging to years 1200 BC, the Archaic, Greek, Hellenistic, Rome, Byzantium, Seljuk and Ottoman period starting from the Neolithic Age are being displayed.

The main ones of the registered Culture and Nature Possessions that are in the responsibility area of the museum are Cennet-Cehennem, Uzuncaburç, Olba Holmi, Aphrodisias, Kelenderis, Canbazlı, Kkoriasion, Korykos, Seleukeia, Mylea, Meydancık and Ura.

Number of works of art:

Archaeological: 2975

Ethnographical: 1410

Coins: 15875

Seal stamp: 77