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İçel - Mersin Museum

Mersin Museum

The museum, which is established in a small part of the old public house building in 1978, has been opened for exhibition in 1991 after the restoration of the same building as a Culture Centre.

Stone opuses are exhibited in the first hall. The opuses belonging to the Neolithic, Calcolithic and Ancient Bronze Periods that are found in Yumuktepe and Gözlükule excavations that are among the most ancient residence centres of Anatolia, are exhibited in the second hall. These are double handled drink pots, double, triple, quadruple basket handled cup shaped pots, beak rimmed earthenware water jugs, various painted pots. Furthermore, cooked earthenware pottery, glass and bronze opuses belonging to the Ancient Bronze Age, Urartu Period, Classical, Hellenistic, Rome and Byzantine periods are exhibited in chronological order. Bronze, silver and golden coins belonging to the Classical, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods and Küstüllü Byzantine treasure are exhibited in the same hall.

In the third hole on the upper floor, where there are ethnographic opuses, opuses such as silver ornamental goods, chaplets, embroidered clothes, towels, wooden and metal goods, kilims, various guns, etc are exhibited.

In the museum garden, stone opuses and pithos belonging to various periods exist.