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Atatürk And Ethnography Museum

There is no precise information relating to the construction date of the building that is in Uçancıbaşı Quarter of our city centre and that is used as a museum today. However, it is understood from the folkloric information that it was constructed by Kimon Vandazoflus who was of Greek origin but acquired the Turkish nationality. The building has two floors and consists of the rooms opening to the mid sofa on both floors. The sofa of the upper floor stretching from one side to another is opened with a balcony which mobilizes this side. The back side opens to the part that heightens along the two floors and that is understood to be added later.

The main walls are made of stone and the intermediate walls are made with wood skeleton technique. Entrance to the building is provided with double-wing wooden doors having the same characteristics. The windows are rectangular and low arched. The windows having bolted frames are protected with shutters opening to both sides. The upper part is a cover-mixed roof and is covered with Marsilia-type roofing tile. The plasters on the upper edges of the base floor walls, grooves and Meander ornamented decorative corner pillars are the only ornaments. On the upper floor of the building ethnographic cultural assets are being exhibited.

Furthermore, the house, where Atatürk stayed when he came to Denizli, was converted into a museum. Here, the wardrobe, brass-capped bed, divan and baroque-style work table are being exhibited. One of the rooms is furnished in accordance with the traditions of Denizli region.