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Today, the Tunisian nation is in union with the noble Turkish nation, whom we are tied throughout centuries as sister countries, around the thought of commemorating in respect the unforgetable memory of Mustafa Kemal.

Our nation’s admiration towards him begins in the battlefield where he has proven all the world what a great soldier he is. Today, we are remembering a great man God must have chosen to save his nation, who refused to accept defeat and give up hope. He has managed to unite the power of his nation and pumped infused his people with courage. Pushing fate, he managed to regain the unity of his country and has reached a point from which to achieve independence and freedom for his nation. Thus, Atatürk has shown all the world what a nation that prefers death to slavery can do. This example can never be forgotten.

We respect the personality of Atatürk, who is the creator of independence of the country. He has managed to achieve this from the ashes of a dying Empire.

His immortal masterpiece will be a flashing example and a source of inspiration for the ones who try to dominate nations that have gained their independence.

Habib Burgiba, President of Tunisia