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The Turks will emulate his magnificent efforts and improve their reputation.


The world has never witnessed such an exciting spectre as Turkey’s reestablishment in western esteem.

Social Demokraten Newspaper

If it weren’t for him, Modern Turkey would never exist. The Turks will emulate his magnificent deeds and they will improve their existing reputation even more.

Nya Daglig Newspaper

Turkey’s reestablishment and organization has been a life-giving reform. Today, Turkey is devoted to the strong personality of Atatürk. The last victory achieved with the final Ottoman Emperor’s leaving the country on November 1922 has been saluted with great eagerness and anxiety in the east. The actions taken afterwards, the strong decisions and the swift practice has amazed all the world.

Aftenbladet Newspaper

Kemal Atatürk saved his country from being torn apart completely and created a strong, modern and a national state. Atatürk has broken tha chain of the invaders. At the stage of his death, Turkey has such an important role around the İstanbul Strait and Near East region that all the great states turn their faces to Ankara.

Svenska Dagbladet Newspaper

It can clearly be seen that Atatürk, the great chief, during his 14 years period ruling the Turkish Nation, has managed to do things that have never been done in the past centuries. The Turks will follow him and they will enhance the existing reputation of their country in the world.

Nya Dagligt Allehanda Newspaper

The remainings and the deeds of Atatürk, the creator of Modern Turkey is well known in Sweden. We have admired the development of Turkey under the leadership of Atatürk. Turkey has been placed on a very strong basis after many difficult reforms created and realised by Atatürk.

Erlander, Prime Minister of Sweden

Under the rule of Atatürk, Turkey has been a modern state in the western standard. The reputation of this state keeps growing today. The reformist movement has changed the country completely. Turkey has achieved great success in foreign politics under the rule of Atatürk.

Dagens Nyheter Newspaper

Atatürk is definitely the most interesting dictator of the post war period. First he saved the status of Turkey as an independent country. Then, he has created a new Turkish state and placed a new legislation, a new culture and a new aim to aspire to. There are many types of dictators. Some of them prefer to kill freedom and some prefer to give freedom and culture to the nation. Atatürk’s Turkey is a typical example for the latter. The world has never experienced such an exciting development as Turkey’s reestablishment as a westernized country.

Social Demokraten Newspaper