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Our nation knows the name Kemal Atatürk very well because of his efforts to give his nation freedom and his struggle for national development. Atatürk has awakened the Turkish Nation to fight with the imperialists. The first Republic of the near and middle east owes its birth to him. This Republic has been an example to many national independence movements in many countries. Atatürk believed that his fight against imperialism was a holy war and he gained the admiration of the Turkish Nation as well as the whole world.

Atatürk has done much to save Turkey from lagging back a century. The reforms he had made aimed to develop economic life, industry and agriculture. In the time of Atatürk, Turkey’s international authority has grown and Turkey began to play an important role in world politics.

N.S.CRUSHCHEF, President Of The Soviet Union, 10th November 1938

Atatürk has been the creator and the pioneer of many reforms, such as, the declaration of the Republic, establishment of the national banks and national industry, construction of railroads, expropriation of foreign investments, seperation of religious and governmental issues, use of the Latin alphabet, acception of the women’s rights and the deletion of ranks.

Pravda Newspaper, Moscow, 10th November 1938

The independence movement of the new Turkey depended totally on Kemal Atatürk and his death is a great loss for the Turkish Nation. All sincere friends of independent Turkey feel sorrow for the loss of this great man.

Izvestia Newspaper, Moscow, 11th November 1938

His name is directly related with the national independence war and the reorganization of Turkey in the political field. Kemal Atatürk’s death is a great loss for the Turkish Nation as well as all the friends of Turkey. Being one of the sincere friends of Turkey, the Soviet Union is in deep sorrow because of the death of this unique statesman.

Izvestia Newspaper, Moscow, 1938

The death of Atatürk has put all the Turkish Nation in deep sorrow. People who are sensitive about the independence and freedom of their countries are also sad. Friends of independent Turkey, the Soviet Union and all other countries that are in development, surely share the deep mourning of the Turkish Nation.

Journal de Moscou, Moscow, 1938

His death is a big loss for the world as well.

Soviet Union

The late President’s reputation was worldwide. Everyone loved and respected him because of his fight to gain the independence of the Turkish Nation. He has strengthened the new national structure of his country.

Kalinin, Prime Minister of the Soviet Union