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Atatürk has created Turkey with his sword and organized it with his ingenious ideas. There is no field that his creative spirit and strong nationalistic feelings are missing. He was the first to understand that the worst for old Turkey was the Sultan’s regime to let foreigners get involved in interior affairs in the Ottoman Empire. Atatürk has saved Turkey from being divided and demolished. Today, Turkey has got plenty of friendly countries both around it and in Europe. By his glamorous spirit in reforms, politics, economics and all other aspects, he has won the admiration of the world and added the most honoured period of time to Turkey’s history.

The starting date of this reorganization is 1923, which is the date for the Lausanne Treaty. Poland, being in traditional relation with Turkey for 150 years, was the first country to sign this aggreement. The Turkish Nation has got national pride and it is only natural for it to embrace its father Atatürk with a sincere love. Turkey has recently been a country to be taken into consideration in the international arena. The modernization and renovation movement of Turkey continues. The Sick Man of the Ottomans has recovered. Its development and energy is fine. Atatürk has really created a miracle.

Gazeta Polska, Warsaw, 1938

Turkey has taken the key role in the near east again under the rule of Atatürk.


A long way has been completed, a masterpiece has been created and many victories have been witnessed. All these belong to Atatürk.

Kurjer Warzavski Newspaper

It is only natural that the Turkish Nation, well known for its national pride, embraces its father, Atatürk, with sincere love.

Gazeta Polska