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Kemal Atatürk is not only one of the greatest men of this century. We, in Pakistan, see him as one of the greatest men of all times. Mustafa Kemal was a military genius, a born leader and a great patriot and he managed to take Turkey to greatness again. He was not only your nation’s dear leader. All the muslim world watched him in love and respect. He was one of the few in the muslim world that made a brave step towards awakening in terms of politic scope. On this mournful day, we would like to share your deep love and respect to this great founder of your nation.

Eyüp Khan, President of Pakistan, 10th November 1938

We were like a fading sparkle when our eyes met his and we turned out to be a sun to enlighten the world.

İkbal, Pakistani Poet

I have heard about the death of Mustafa Kemal, the President of the Turkish Republic, in deep sorrow. I would like my sincere condolences to be accepted.

Muhammed Ali Cinnah-Kaidiâzam, President of Pakistan