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“Great Men lead their generation. The great genius of the Turkish Nation, Atatürk, was a great political and military personality and a great nationalist. He united his country with the help of his soldiers that gathered round him and he worked miracles and won victories for his nation that always lived with hope. Atatürk will always live as a symbol of patriots who are deliverers of their nations. The Turkish Nation remembers its Great Father in respect. May it be well known that his name will always be remembered in understanding and admiration as the brave and devoted Father of the Turkish Nation.

Kerema, Prime Minister of Lebanon, 10th November 1963

Atatürk was literally a founder and creator. He has drawn new borders for his country on the world’s map and has found all the necessary sources to feed it. He has obtained weapons to protect his country and he has obtained a language and an alphabet for his nation. All this was completed successfully from 1923 to 1938. He defended his country against foreign threats. Those foreigners had been victorious in the war and they were capable of doing whatever they wished. Everyone should clearly understand that this great guide who has closed his eyes forever in a palace room by the İstanbul strait will always remain as a miracle in the pages of history.

Loryan Newspaper, Beirut, 1938

It is very difficult to define the life of this man whose death has affected the world deeply. Atatürk was one of the most exceptional geniuses the world has ever seen. He has changed the course of history. We bow with respect in the immortal presence of the most honoured dictator of the world and send our condolences to the Turkish Nation that is suffering its worst sorrow.

Ennehar Newspaper, Beirut, 1938

Mustafa Kemal, who cast out the Sultans, tore apart armies has died. He was the hero of the Dardanelles and the creative mind of Sakarya. He had created Turkey out of nothing, he gave them freedom, he provided honour for his nation. The greatest enemy of evil and the creator of Kemalism has died. Every head bowed whenever his name was mentioned, yet, he has died. Our hearts tremble with this great pain.

Ebabil Newspaper, Beirut, 1938

Atatürk’s death is a great loss not only for Turkey, but also for most of the eastern nations that need such adeliverer.

El Ehram Newspaper, Beirut

The most exceptional genius the world has ever seen. He has changed the course of world history.

An Nahar, Beirut